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Welcome to Spirit Of The Hedgerider

A small rural business on the beautiful Island of Ynys Môn (Isle of Anglesey), North Wales run by myself Jules Cooper. I organise and run Seasonal Foraging Walks & Workshops and create wild inspired products from the plants and trees that grow on my organically managed, seven acre Smallholding.  I have been gathering wild food and medicine for as long as I can remember. As a child of Romani heritage, my relationship with wild food and medicine as a free natural resource, resonates deeply with me.

Living on a Druid island, I am naturally fascinated by Celtic medicine. Many of the sacred Druid Trees such as Willow, Oak, Rowan and Hazel are planted here and used in sacred rituals such as incense, wands and smudge sticks. Some of the powerful healing plants such as Yarrow, Vervain and Elder all grow abundantly here too and are regularly used in healing teas, steams and dream pillows. The willow and wild vines are woven into baskets and magical creations.

Sustainable harvesting from the seasonal wild larder and local landscape helps us to connect deeper to the land and work with the energies contained within them. Eating wild plants from our around our home, have a much stronger life force and provide the very medicine our body requires because they resonate with our own unique energies. Wild plants know what nourishes and heals, so they naturally appear when we call out to them energetically.

“Nourishment and healing from wild plants is our biological birthright; it is in our bones to harvest the gifts of the earth”
Jules Cooper

Wild Foraging Jules Cooper

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Photography reproduced with kind permission of Hanna Baguley

If you’d like more information about my wildcrafting & foraging courses please call 07450 885254

If you’d like more information about my wildcrafting & foraging courses please call 07450 885254